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Founded in February 2015, Sports Therapy 2 You Ltd. has established to be a recognised mobile injury service across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and South Yorkshire. Originally ‘Sports Massage Therapy 2 You’, we have treated a variety of fitness levels and age groups, proving sports therapy can help whatever your concern. You can either be looking to improve posture, mobility, muscular performance, body function, recovery period or methods to benefit your psychological well-being.


Having previously worked with individual athletes and men’s and women’s sports teams our company provides a wealth of experience and skill set to fill your needs. As a company we set our standards high and offer diverse services to suit your needs. Our staff have completed qualifications including Master of Science degree, Sports Massage, Personal Training, Sports Conditioning, and attending to relevant continued professional development courses.

Benefits of using our service

  • Treatment in comfort of your own home or work environment
  • Optional in-house treatments within a private facility
  • Flexible appointment slot for your convenience
  • Treatment variety
  • Short notice bookings
  • 100% Professional and friendly

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“Been having treatments with my shoulders and lower back and have since improved my range of movement and decreased pain in targeted areas. Highly recommended to all symptoms of pains or aches.”

Bradley (Lincoln)

Lower limb pain exercises continued...

Exercise 3 (of 4): Standing knee raise/Hip flexion. Becoming more related to runners, this can be used as a warm up or a back step during practice towards going back to running patterns. Take advantage of your hip muscles during your walk/run. Take the stress off your lower limbs! Use of both legs are involved here, if you take a closer look!
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We continue with our example exercises (2nd of 4) from yesterday. This exercise can be used as a progression to what we previously shared.

Resisted side walks can activate the glutes downwards and, again, promote foot alignment to engage in your waking or running motion. Get the glutes fired up 🔥!
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“Think outside the box” during trip rehab or prehabilitation needs. Sometimes we go directly to an area to fix compared to assessing, taking a step back and thinking around what may be causing dysfunction. Following our recent post on Saturday we would like to follow this on with some example exercises you can use to give you an advantage if you were back walking or running outside again, for example.

Exercise 1 of 4: Resisted eversion exercises. A notable point we see with runners (and walkers) in assessments is the position the foot is in a relaxed position. Having “inverted” feet may be the cause of the problem of heel pain, shin pain or misuse of the ankle motion. Using this exercise can strengthen and promote foot alignment.

Want to see our additional examples? Follow our Instagram page @sportstherapy2you for a further insight! 👀. Or if your just a Facebook follower keep tabs and we’ll be sharing our additional exercises during this week!
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