Additional Services

Sport Team Assistance

“A big thanks to Dale for providing support at my charity football match. Most of the lads had a pre-match massage and it helped them get through the match. Great bloke and I would highly recommend using him.” (Gary, British Heart Foundation Football Club, Lincoln)

Have a sports event coming up and need pre-match assistance or pitch side first aid? We have fully qualified and insured staff who have experience within team sports and events. Assistance with training warm ups and mobility training is also available!

Joint Assessment and Treatment

Service specifically treats pain in your ankle, knee, hip or shoulder to maintain your current or new rehabilitation. Focusing on objective assessments, observations, physical therapy or one-to-one exercises we aim to diagnose why you may be experience pain or discomfort.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy can be used as an alternative therapy to massages. These can be used to identify an injury or help reduce muscle tension or reduce toxins in a particular area that is causing discomfort. 

Posture Analysis

This service looks into your body alignment, giving you guidance of how you can improve your posture or what type of treatments will be most suited for you. Whether you have been experiencing muscle tension, back pain, lack of mobility, your posture could be influencing your body function. 

Taping and Joint Support

Taping provides support to an joint or muscular injury or assist the healing process. It is a popular method used for athletes; however, it is becoming more common within rehabilitation clinics for non-sporty clients. Zinc oxide or Kinesiology tape are used so please seek advice on any allergies you may have on types of adhesives. 



Contact us for further information about any of these services!

“Fantastic service at a great price. Dale is considerate and versatile towards each individuals needs, and takes time to help his customers. Within days of having my massage I felt massive improvements in a muscle pull that I had, which has allowed me to continue training without anymore pain or discomfort.”

James (Lincoln)

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Improved sleep ✅
Experiencing symptoms, less often ✅
Improved mindset ✅
Improved range of motion ✅
Reduction in pain ✅
Ability to complete household tasks ✅
Ability to increase training loads ✅
Not relying on painkillers ✅

These are all examples of small steps to your recovery goal. We don’t expect you to be perfoming cart wheels after a couple of weeks. Small steps and couple of boxes ticked, however, yes definitely 👍🏻.

Think of the bigger picture and aim towards that long term objective of getting back to what you do best!
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From insoles, joint supports/braces, resistance bands to compression shorts or massage guns! Save ££ with your local therapist! Free delivery directly to your door!

Get in touch for further details!
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