Sports Massage

“I can’t recommend Dales services enough. I’ve regularly seen him for massages and any slight injury concerns. Nothings ever too much trouble and instantly makes me feel at ease.” (Jade, Barnsley Womens Football Club)

Sports Massage is an extremely beneficial technique used to improve muscular performance, joint function, mobility or to benefit your psychological well-being. Whether you are a regular gym goer, athlete or sat at your desk at work, research has suggested this treatment has numerous beneficial factors. Enhanced blood production, improve mobility, decrease pain, releasing tightness, improve sleep, and reduce any stress levels, to name a few! 


This method is popular for all age groups and fitness backgrounds and our aim is to make the client feel as comfortable and at ease prior treatment. Please note we use specific oils for your treatments. Should you be aware of any allergies or have had bad skin reactions previously, please notify the therapist before your booking.

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“I’ve been having sharp uncomfortable pains in my upper back and down into my left arm. Over the past few weeks this has Gradually worsened causing many a sleepless night. I’m pleased to say that thanks to Dale I am already feeling the benefits. Fantastic service especially as it was all short notice also!”

Paul (Lincoln)

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Improved sleep ✅
Experiencing symptoms, less often ✅
Improved mindset ✅
Improved range of motion ✅
Reduction in pain ✅
Ability to complete household tasks ✅
Ability to increase training loads ✅
Not relying on painkillers ✅

These are all examples of small steps to your recovery goal. We don’t expect you to be perfoming cart wheels after a couple of weeks. Small steps and couple of boxes ticked, however, yes definitely 👍🏻.

Think of the bigger picture and aim towards that long term objective of getting back to what you do best!
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From insoles, joint supports/braces, resistance bands to compression shorts or massage guns! Save ££ with your local therapist! Free delivery directly to your door!

Get in touch for further details!
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